Polish Mushroom Alliance

PMA Trade Ltd. was brought to life in order to represent major Polish manufacturers of white mushrooms when dealing with organised overseas buyers.

As Poland has grown to become both the largest producer and the largest exporter of white mushrooms in the EU, an organised platform was needed to standardise procedures and streamline logistics to successfully compete on the international arena.

We offer excellent product in quantities not otherwise available from any single farm in Poland.


We can offer any grade of fresh or frozen white or brown mushrooms.

We specialise in:

- white baby button mushrooms (15-25 mm)

- white button mushrooms (25-40 mm)

- white closed cup mushrooms (35-55 mm)

- chestnut mushrooms (35-55 mm)

- portobello mushrooms

- oyster mushrooms

- chanterelles

- porcinis

- bay boletes


We can offer any type of packaging required by the buyer. Typically we ship in blue 2.5 kg or 1.5 kg boxes, or customer specific punnets.

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